Nisky App
Nisky App

Nisky App: An app has been launched by Niskayuna Central School to provide convenience to the children and their parents, this app is known as the Nisky app, this app is mainly launched as a district app where the students studying in the school Children will get to know all the information related to the school through the app on mobile. This is a special facility provided by the school where you can see the information of Niskayuna Central School on mobile.

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Often, not all children get much information related to school, and in such a situation, to get school-related information, children have to go to school to get education-related information, so the school management launched this app where you can get information related to school. in your mobile where you can get new updates coming in school.

Get Fast engage with school

Niskayuna Central School has launched this district nisky app especially for the students of its school, now children can easily connect with the school online, that too through a mobile app and can get school-related information from here often school Children studying in the school have to go to school for information and news updates related to school, but now you can use this app to avoid this problem.

Here on this portal nisky app has been launched by the school so that now school information can be easily found through the app only. This is a simple app that can be easily used by every parent here on the app can easily get information through notification.

Easy to use

Launched by Niskayuna Central School, this app has been created keeping in mind the problem of every student. Earlier, where school-related information had to be visited on the school’s portal, but for new school-related information, you had to check the portal again and again, but after the launch of this app, now it has become very easy to use.

Through this app, you can get the latest updates directly on your mobile through notification, so that you do not miss any information, this app is also very easy to use, to use it you can through email id here. You can log in, you can get information by logging here.

Nisky App Download

You can easily download this app on your mobile and use it if you are an android user, then you can download this app from Google Play Store and if you use an iPhone then you can use this app on the Apple App Store After downloading, you can sign up and use it very easily.

Once you download the nisky app here, you will not need to visit the main portal of the school, again and again, you can easily connect to the Direct School with this app and get the relevant information. Along with this, you also get other new options through the app which you can use on your mobile phone.


In this digital age, many things are happening online, in such situation, now Niskayuna Central School has also brought its own app, which has been brought in the name of nisky app. This app launched by the school is very useful for all the parents, now through this app the children get the school information easily, through this app you can easily and quickly connect with the school, also now you can get the school information. There will be no need to visit the portal for new updates, through the notification of this app, you will be able to easily get information on your mobile.

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