How To Sync Controller To Xbox one on Computer, android?

You are looking for a way How to sync controller to Xbox one? The process of making your wireless controllers work with your console is different from plugging it into the computer. Convenience makers have made it easy to sync wireless controllers.

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How To Sync Controller To Xbox one?

Wireless controllers are not without their problems. Although syncing on the Xbox One is straightforward, there are several ways to troubleshoot controller issues. Here are the steps to sync your Xbox One to your controllers, and how to deal with any issues. This guide will help you to How To Sync Controller To Xbox one to your computer.

Charge your controller and turn on your Xbox One

Syncing your controller is powering it. The Xbox One controllers must have AA batteries. But, you can buy rechargeable battery packs to power your controllers. Make sure you have enough power to pair your controllers before trying to pair them.

After the controller has been charged and the batteries are inserted, you can turn it on using the Microsoft button located in the middle of the unit. It will turn on and light up to show that it is turned on. Hit the Power key on the console.

Turn the Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller you are trying to pair should be turned on. If the Xbox light flashes, it means that it is ready for sync. If the light does not turn on, check that it’s charged.

Use the Xbox Connect Button

Push the connect button on your Xbox One. Modern models, the Xbox, have a link button located below the right-hand side’s power buttons. The original Xbox One Connect button is located on the left, near the disc slots.

How To Sync Controller To Xbox one with Sync Button?

To pair the controller, press and hold on to the connect button at the top of your controller. Once the controller has been connected, the Xbox light will stop flashing.

Test the connection

It’s an ideal opportunity to scrutinize your regulator. Play your #1 computer game to check whether it works.

Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn-on

On the off chance that the regulator doesn’t turn on after you have made sure that it has completely energized its batteries, then, at that point attempt to take out the batteries for at least 15 seconds. Turn it back on by putting the batteries back in.

How To Sync Controller To Xbox one on Android?

  • To turn on your Xbox One controller, press and hold on to the Xbox button.
  • Keep pressing and holding the sync button on the Xbox One controller until you see the Xbox button blink.
  • To pair your Android device with a new one, open Settings > Bluetooth Connection > Bluetooth >
  • Find the Xbox Wireless Controller and tap it to pair.
  • That’s it. Now the Blinking Xbox button should be working. You can find it on your Android tablet, phone, or connected.
  • The Xbox One wireless controller is now compatible with all Android games that have Bluetooth controller compatibility.

How to sync Xbox One controller to the personal computer?

How To Sync Controller To Xbox one and PCs using the Xbox Wireless Adapter?

Windows 10 is ready to go with the Xbox Wireless Adapter. It will install drivers when the device is connected. This makes the process much simpler.

  • The Xbox Wireless Adapter can be connected to your Windows PC to allow the drivers to install.
  • To ensure the best connectivity, make sure the adapter is visible from your PC.
  • You can turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox logo located in the middle of the controller.
  • Locate and push the button on your Xbox Wireless Adapter.
  • The connect button can be found on the Xbox One controller. It’s located at the top of your Xbox One controller, near the micro USB ports. It’s marked with the following symbol
  • Make sure your controller’s Xbox logo is blinking. This is a sign that the USB adapter is connecting. Connected devices will be solid when the logo and the LED on the USB adapter go solid.

These steps help how to sync controller to Xbox one.


The controller should start working again as soon as you press the Xbox button. The controller can turn on if it is not in its bag.

When you go on a trip, unpaid your device so that you can repair it when you need to. It doesn’t take too long, as you’ve seen. For an Xbox One controller to unpaid, repeat the above steps and then press “Forget This Device”, instead of Disconnect.

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