How To Share Screen Skype

How To Share Screen Skype? Skype is one of the most useful free internet calling apps. Skype is an amazing app, and you can testify to its excellence if you are a frequent Skype user. You can also take advantage of other than video chat.

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How To Share Screen Skype?

Skype allows you to share your screen from the app, which is one of its most useful features. It takes a few clicks to invite friends and family members to the Skype conversation.

How to Share Your Screen Skype with Computer?

If your OS is Windows 10 or lower, you will most likely be using the Classic Desktop program. Microsoft provides a seamless experience for both Windows 10 and Classic Desktop. They both look and feel the same. Choosing between the two forms involves individual inclination.

This guide will apply how to share screen skype all versions Windows provides, even though the screenshots shown are for classic desktop software.

How to share screen on skype windows 10, 8, 7?

  • Step 1. Make your call by choosing a contact from Recently Chats and clicking on the phone icon at the top-right.
  • Step 2: This depends on the outcome of your video call. The Recent visits board is covered up and you will see the twofold square offer screen symbol on your hideout toolbar. To continue, click this icon.
  • To close the Latest Chats board while you are on the call, click the three spots More Option symbol from the hideout toolbar. Select the Share screen option in the pop-up menu.
  • Step 3. The Share Screen interface takes over your call screen. If you have one screen, you will see one window. If you have many screens on your PC, click on the screen to share and click the Start sharing button.
A Toggle Button will appear
  • A toggle button will appear to stream the sound from your computer’s speakers.
  • Step 4. You’re now sharing your screen. You will see a small red circle around the boundaries of your screen. This means that it’s streaming to your contact.
Switching Screens (How To Share Screen Skype?)
  • You can switch between many screens on a PC with many screens. You can switch between many screens by clicking on the Share Screen button or the More Options button, depending on what view you are currently viewing. Then click the Switch Screen/Window option from the popup menu.
Step 5: Stop Sharing
  • Step 5. To stop the sharing, click on the double-screen icon and then select the End Sharing option in the pop-up menu. This is how to stop sharing during calls with the Recently Chats panel.

Now, You got a Screen sharing tip Right…

These are the steps on How To Share Screen Skype? If the Recent Chats panel is not closed during your call click the three dots more options icon. Select the Stop Sharing option in the pop-up menu.

The most effective method to share your iPhone or Android Screen Using Skype

Screen sharing is an alternative on most current gadgets including iPhones, iPads, and Android equipment. This guide focuses on screen sharing with an iPhone X.

How to share screen on skype iPhone?

  • Step 1. Call the contact by clicking their contact name. Click the phone icon in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Step 2. As the call is streaming, tap on the screen. A little symbol will show up in the base right corner. Tap it to open a menu.
  • Step 3. Choose the Share Screen icon in the menu. A screen will appear.
  • Step 4. Tap on Skype to open the Skype listing. The Start Broadcast link will then appear.
  • 5: Your contact will now be able to see your screen. Switch to the appropriate application to broadcast what content you wish to share. Start Skype again, and then tap Stop Broadcast. The broadcast will stop.


The Skype app makes it easy for you to communicate with your team, even if you are working. You can chat, hold a meeting, or use the sharing bar to share your presentation. It is accessible on many platforms, making sharing it even easier.

You now know the steps to share your screen on Skype from many platforms. Skype’s screen sharing feature allows you to share your software code and presentations with your team members without needing to send them screenshots. This post is useful for your question about how to share screen skype.

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