How To Screenshot In HP Laptop Windows 7/8/1?

How To Screenshot In HP Laptop? Simple and quick, Hp Laptops and Tablets allow you to snap a picture. We share our screens a lot, as we all know. The screenshot is taken because of this.

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How To Screenshot In HP Laptop?

Screenshots allow you to record and prove a particular thing. Let’s assume we play the video game on a laptop. Now we want our friends to see these scores. So what do we do now? We need to take screenshots so we can share our highest score with our friends.

How can I screenshot an HP device?

We also take screenshots to store the password and other details. There are many methods for taking an HP screen capture. You can capture the entire or part of the screen.

You can capture the entire screen to be edited with different tools. Google Chrome has many extensions and third-party software. These extensions and third-party software can be downloaded to your google chrome browser. You will then have access to their diverse features.

Let us now talk about how to screenshot in hp laptop. The following topics will be covered:

How to Screenshot in HP Laptop Windows 10?

The chrome operating system is available on this laptop. You can use keyboard buttons to capture the screen. To the right of the keyboard is the Print screen. It is referred to as PrtScr. This button will catch the full screen.

These are the steps that will help you to take a picture on your HP laptops.

To capture the entire screen you need to press the Windows Key + PrtScr. You can see the successful screenshot on a dimmed screen.

You can save your image as a PDF using this method.

How To Capture the Screen Using Only Print Screen Buttons?

You will not save the screenshot to a file when you use this button. All things considered, it will be replicated to your clipboard. Then, you can open various editing programs to save the image.

This step-by-step guide on How To Screenshot In HP Laptop that will be of great help to you.

You can press the Print Screen key on your console. You will see that it appears as though nothing happened. Your screenshot will then be copied to your clipboard.

  • Open the image editing program. This includes PaintShop Pro (or Microsoft Paint), Photoshop, and Microsoft Paint. It is best to use Paint for your task.
  • To paste the screenshot, press Ctrl+V.
  • The screenshot will show up on your screen.
  • Edit this image by using different options from the Paint program.
  • It is possible to crop an image, add text or create a shape in it.
  • After you have finished editing, click on File. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Save as. This option allows you to save the file into four formats (PNG strong>), JPEG, GIF, and GIF.

Now, type the file name into the box and choose the place where you want to save the screenshot.

The screenshot will then be saved in your preferred location.


The conclusion is that in the modern age of social media, screenshots are required because people want other people to see their screens.

It is also possible to capture the screenshot to recall many passwords. The screenshot can be saved as a record to prove everything. As we have already discussed, there are many ways on How To Screenshot In HP Laptop.

It is possible to capture the whole screen or the selected area. You can also use a snipping tool to capture your screen. Snip & Sketch allows you to take screenshots in different formats. You can also use third-party software to take a picture.

These tools provide advanced features. These features allow you to crop, rotate, and resize images. You can change the image by adding text or shapes. The methods discussed above apply to all HP laptops.

I trust that the provided information was helpful and will help you to understand how to screenshot in hp laptop.

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