How To Screen Record On Your iPhone? | Screen Record On iPhone

This tutorial will show you How to screen record on your iPhone. It is perfect for recording glitches, gameplay, and YouTube videos to be shared or viewed again later.

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How To Screen Record On Your iPhone?

You might notice something strange on your iPhone and want to record it to show a tech expert. You are playing an iOS game and you want to share it with your friends or YouTube subscribers. You might also be curious about whether it’s possible to record a video on your iPhone and save it.

This tutorial is for you if that sounds familiar. This tutorial will show you How to screen record on your iPhone to be saved or shared.

If you have trouble with the TV app on your iPhone, recording your Screen can help.

How To Screen Record On Your iPhone?

Screen recording is most straightforward in case you’re running iOS or later. (iOS at the season of composing the most recent adaptation of iOS additionally has the screen recording highlight.

Can only Screen enable if the feature is available in Control Centre?

Tap Control Centre > Customize Controls to open Settings.

The top list lists what’s included. If ‘Screen Recording isn’t there, locate it at the bottom and tap the + button.

How To Screen Record On Your iPhone?

  • Open Control Centre by swiping down from the top-right on an iPhone series or the bottom on an iPhone equipped with a Home button.
  • The Screen Recording icon looks like a circle with an inside dot. To start recording, tap this.
  • After a three-second countdown will record all screen contents.
  • As you record, a red bar will appear at the top of your screen or a red blob in the status bar.
  • Once you are done, tap the red bar/blob and confirm that you want to stop recording. If the recording does not register, open Control Centre and click the record button once more.
  • You can save your screen recording video in Photos, where you can edit and access it as you please.
  • This method will not record audio for some apps, such as FaceTime. For advice on getting around this.

How to Record Videos With Your iPhone?

The screen recording feature, introduced in iOS, allows you to create a duplicate of any video currently playing on your iPhone/iPad.

How To Screen Record On Your iPhone Steps

  • Open YouTube (or another video website).
  • Select the video that you want to record.
  • You are now ready to play it in the landscape.
  • Tap on the Record button in the Control Centre.
  • The video will play for a while, and then you can stop it when it is done.
  • Will saved video in Photos.

How To Screen Record On Your iPhone?

  • QuickTime can be used on your Mac to record the screen of your iPhone if you haven’t upgraded to iOS.
  • Open QuickTime on your Mac (read more about utilizing QuickTime to record video on your Mac). Snap-on QuickTime in the dock or the menu to choose New Movie Recording.
  • Connect your iPhone. Tap Trust on the gadget when inquired.
  • Click the slight arrow right of the record button in QuickTime to select your iOS device. The Screen should now be ready for recording.


Although, On the off chance that you’d prefer to alter together with your best photographs and recordings. Here’s how to screen record on your iPhone all Memories. We likewise have a total manual for utilizing iMovie on the iPhone to alter your video.

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