How To Make Excel Graph

Microsoft Excel has a tool that lets you perform a variety of functions on your data. A chart or graph that is well-designed can make all the difference. Excel makes it easy to create great charts and graphs. Know more steps about how to make excel graph.

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How To Make Excel Graph?

Fill the Excel sheet with your data & assign the correct data types

It is important to first populate an Excel spreadsheet. If this data has been imported from another program, it will most likely have been converted to an a.csv file.

Use an online CSV converter to Excel like this one to generate an Excel file. Or open the Excel file in Excel and save it with an Excel extension.

After you have converted the file, you may need to clean out the rows and columns. To ensure the Excel graph you create is clean and easy to modify or change, it is better to use a clean spreadsheet.

If this doesn’t work, then you might need to input the data into the spreadsheet.

How To Make Excel Graph?

Excel’s spreadsheets have two components:

The horizontal are marked with numbers

The columns which are vertical and marked alphabets

After you have set all your data values and accounted for them, go to the Number section on the Home tab. There you can assign the appropriate data type to each column. Your graphs may not appear if this is not done.

For example, if column A measures time, you should choose the Time option in the dropdown menu and assign it as B.

Choose the Excel Graph Type You Wish to Create

This will depend upon the data you have, and the number of parameters you will be tracking.

Line graphs can be used to track trends over time. This is what we will use for this tutorial. Let us suppose that we are tracking Hours worked/Week/Employee, as well as Leaves, took/Employee/Year for five years.

Highlight Data Sets that you want to use

You will need to choose the appropriate data parameters to create a graph.

Drag your cursor to the cell marked A. The cursor will change into a tiny, arrow those points downwards. Once this happens, click on cell A to select all columns.

Continue the process with columns B or C. To do this, press the Ctrl button on Windows. Or use the Command Key for Mac users.

The following should be the final selection:

  • Create the Basic Excel graph
  • Once you have selected the columns, click the Insert tab. Select the 2D Line graph option.
  • The graph will appear below the data values.

Sometimes, the graph won’t show the way you want it to if the data type is not assigned to the columns in the first step. Excel may plot the Average number of leaves/employee/year along its X-axis rather than the Year. To play with different combinations of the X and Y-axis parameters, you can use the Switch row/column option under the tab of chart Tools.

Excel: How do I add to a dropdown list?

People can work more with worksheets by using drop-down lists within cells. Drop-downs enable people to select an item from the list you’ve created. After a cell is selected, the drop-down’s down-arrow displays and can be clicked to make selections. Data Validation lets you create a dropdown of options within a cell.

How To Make Excel Graph? Dropdown lists in Excel

You will need to create a new worksheet and enter the drop-down lists you want.

  • Pick the cell where you would like the drop-down list to appear.
  • Next, click on Data Validation.
  • In the Allow box of the Settings tab, click List.
  • Next, click in the Source box to select the range you wish to add.
  • Check the In-cell dropdown.
  • Now choose the source.
  • Click in the “Source” field.
  • Next, click on the “Data Sheet” and choose all employees.
  • After you’re done, click “OK”.


Draw charts to show how to set goals compare with actual achievements. Creating. These are the steps to create graphs to represent the data values. Guide to Types Graphics. Tutorials on the Different Types of Diagrams, and how to make excel graph.

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