How to Forward a call To Another Phone? | Call Forwarding Guide

How to forward a call? Every conversation matters when it comes down to small businesses. you go out of your office to do some errands. The phone call you have been waiting for arrived while you were out and it was too late. That has to hurt. But, we have the cure.

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How to Forward a call?

It is a great way to make missed calls past and strengthen relationships with investors, customers, and other stakeholders. let’s see some of the steps to do it.

What Do You Mean By A Call Forward?

Call forwarding, additionally known as name diversion, is a telephony function that lets smartphone operators redirect incoming calls. For example, forwarding calls can be routed to a cell phone, office phone, or landline.

Imagine that you have finished work but still expect a call from your mobile phone in the next hour by sending approaching calls from your office telephone to your cell phone. Your landline at home, you can, in any case, accept the call farewell missed associations and hi to improved customer experience.

This service can still be turned on so you can make outgoing calls. You won’t have the ability to answer incoming phone calls as they are forwarded immediately.

This feature is standard on most business telephone services. Other essential features of telephony you may want to investigate include automatic call distribution and interactive vocal response.

Forward a Call to Another Phone

It’s possible to forward only personal calls via your smartphone. You can set up Forward a Call to a Cell Phone by going to settings and entering a forwarding telephone number.

An iPhone has the same procedure: open settings, phone, and select call forwarding. Then toggle to on to enter the forwarding number.

Remember to include the area code if it is a landline that you are forwarding.

Forward a Call to a Cell Phone?

The following works with a cell phone or a landline. This is a valuable way to forward personal messages.

  • Let’s suppose your carrier is Verizon odder Sprint.
  • After you hear the dial tone, press *72.
  • Enter the forwarding telephone number.
  • For cellular devices, press the # key and then the call button.
  • You will hear an affirmation tone or message.
  • Hang up.

How to forward a call on iPhone?

Follow the below steps to forward calls from iPhone to another phone number.

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone and tap Phone.
  2. Tap on the Call Forwarding option, located under “Calls”, to proceed to the next screen.
  3. Move the switch close to Call forwarding to ON position, then, at that point tap on the Forward To alternative.
  4. The next screen will ask you to enter your Phone Number, starting with Area Code.
  5. Tap on the Back Arrow to save changes after entering the Phone Number.

How to forward a call on Polycom Phone?

Call forwarding is a way for your business and customers to communicate with each other, connecting them to the right people. With the Polycom phones, you can advance calls by following these means.

Polycom allows you to set up your phone to forward all calls; regardless of whether they do Not Disturb option is activated. Call forwarding is not available for shared lines. You will have different call forwarding options if your phone supports Microsoft Lync Server.

To forward all calls to another person

  • Select the Home view option. Forward. (You can also pick Settings View from home and choose Features > Foreword. if your phone is not being used, press Forward Lines view
  • Select the one you wish to forward to if your phone has many lines.
  • Select the type of forwarding that you would like from the Forwarding Type Select screen. You can also visit our website. Always- To forward all incoming calls. You can also visit our website. No Solution All unanswered calls will be forwarded to this number you can also visit our website. Busy you can forward calls that arrive after you’re in a call.
  • Enter the forwarding numbers and choose Enable. If you have selected the There is no solution you can also enter the number rings before your phone forwards the calls. The recommended value is 2.
  • The status bar displays the forwarding number you selected. Lines view shows the forwarding icon next to the phone line when the phone is idle.

Troubleshoot Call Forwarding

A few questions will help you to troubleshoot any problems of forwarding a call. You can start by asking yourself more than one inquiry. It is possible to confirm that is turned on by dialing *72, **21*, depending on which carrier you have.

Missed calls can be a problem for businesses, especially when the caller is important. It can be an excellent solution for those times when you lose or cannot take calls. By routing calls to your preferred phone number, you can stay in touch with business contacts and customers.

For example, you can redirect to the home telephone number, the numbers of coworkers, or mobile phones.

Select the type you want and you’ll be able to access many excellent options. These features include customization and setting the number rings.


There are several options:

  1. Forward to all calls will be directed to the telephone number that you provide.
  2. Do not move if you are busy; if you are on a call and get another call, the second one is forwarded at the number you specified.
  3. Only go forward if there’s no way out: If you’re not in the middle of a meeting and don’t pick up the phone, the call will be transferred to a designated number.
  4. Forward, even when impossible: Callers will be forwarded to a designated number when there is no service, or your device is offline.

When a call is diverted, a short ring will be heard on the original device. The familiar ringing sound comes from the number being forwarded.


You can forward calls to voicemail by following points. If you prefer that only calls from specific numbers be delivered, then activate selective forwarding.

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