How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone in 2022?

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone? The capability of deleting many contacts on the iPhone isn’t a simple task. The process of removing contacts one-by-one from your iPhone will take a considerable amount of time since there’s no choice to erase many contacts on iPhone.

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How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone?

The easiest method How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone and iPad is to do this with either Mac or PC. It’s possible to remove any contacts from your computer, and the results will be displayed on your iPhone after you’ve turned on Contacts within the iCloud settings on your iPhone.

This article will teach you How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone your iPhone and various models. We’ll also go over how to delete the contact from your iPhone on its own and what you need to do if you’re cleaning your contacts in one sweep off your iPhone when you’re getting out of the phone.

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How to remove an individual contact of the iPhone as well as your iPad?

  • Start Contacts and find the contact you wish to delete
  • Tap on the name of the contact’s contact to show the contact’s card.
  • Tap Edit at the top-right area of their contact card.

Scroll down until the bottom, and then tap Delete Contact. Repeat the deletion one time to confirm, the tap is done.

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone both your iPhone?

For Mac users:

You can delete several contacts at once using your iPhone or iPad via the Contacts application that you can install on your Mac. For this function to work you’ll need to log in using the same account from your iCloud accounts on your Mac that the iPhone, as well as the iPad, is signed into and make sure that Contacts is turned on.

Log into:

  • Open System Preferences and select iCloud.
  • Sign in with your credentials and then go through your contacts to make sure they are stored across all your devices.
  • After you’ve signed up (or If already registered) within iCloud:
  • Begin by opening the Contacts application on your Mac. It’s found in Applications.
  • For all contact information if you wish to see all contacts Press the Command key on your keyboard and then select all the contacts that you would like to erase.
  • Right-click and choose to erase the card. Confirm Delete.
  • The updates will be accessible on your iPhone too. This is How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone?

For the owners of PCs:

  • Visit on your PC and sign in using the exact Apple ID you’re signed in to iCloud for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Select Contacts.
  • Press Ctrl and then click on the contacts that you want to erase.
  • Use one of the delete keys on your keyboard.
  • Confirm Delete.

How do you delete all your contacts in one go by using iPhone?

iPhone and iPad users may make the mistake of deleting all their data and contacts before passing the device on rather than returning the device to default settings. This happens most often when the user is transferring their iPhone or iPad over to a relative. But, it can be typical when transferring the device to an individual buyer.

To safeguard the security of your personal information and to avoid any issues that might arise when sharing data on an Apple ID with another person. It is not enough to How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone your iPhone or iPad but you’ll need to close your iCloud application completely. You’ll also have to completely erase all personal information of the iPhone and iPad, by returning your device to its default settings.


If you’re thinking about How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone that you are cleared device to someone in your family and would like to allow them to transfer the cost of App Store purchases as well as iTunes purchases, you can do this through the creation of family sharing that lets you share your purchases with specific Apple IDs.

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