How To Archive Emails In Outlook Web App 2022?

How To Archive Emails In Outlook? Keep an eye on the big picture even when you are in your email! Are you managing your calendars, folders, email folders, and contacts using Microsoft Outlook? Use Outlook Archiving to save more seasoned Outlook things, like notes, messages, undertakings, or schedule sections to the outer files records.

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This helps streamline your email application and is crucial for keeping Outlook running.

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Steps on How To Archive Emails In Outlook:

It has two roles to archive Outlook items:

  • Outlook AutoArchive
  • Archiving Outlook items

We’ll explain how it works by demonstrating step-by-step steps including helpful illustrations.

What are Archived Outlook Files? How To Archive Emails In Outlook?

Archived Outlook files contain drafts, messages, or notes, as well as tasks or other calendar data that have passed through a set time of aging. They are transferred from the email application to the External PST-formatted file (short for the Personal Store).

Instead of setting Outlook archives settings, users could use the AutoArchive feature in the email software.

AutoArchive is set as default in certain Outlook folders. Items that go beyond the age limit are transferred into a PST file.

The default settings of Outlook create the PST file in the following place:

C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook

The table beneath records the envelopes in which Outlook AutoArchive is generally actuated so, alongside the commonplace maturing span.

  • Drafts and Inboxes 6 months
  • Outbox 3 months
  • Calendar 6 months
  • Tasks 6 months
  • Journal 6 months
  • Items that were sent 2 months
  • Items that were deleted 2 months

Notes 6 months (How To Archive Emails In Outlook?)

If you do not wish to make use of AutoArchive Follow these steps to deactivate the feature:

  1. Open Outlook. Click on the “File” Tab.

Step 2. In the right sidebar choose the menu option “Options”. Viewpoint Options opens in another window.

Microsoft Outlook 2016: In the “File” tab there’s your account’s information as well as Outlook settings.

Email Archiving

Don’t lose your email ever again! With IONOS the ability to automate email archive can be added to your email by pressing one button.

The bottom of the form

Step 3. Navigate into the “Advanced” section.

How To Archive Emails In Outlook? Outlook Options

Outlook will open in the “AutoArchive” windows.

Step 4. Disable your “Run AutoArchive on x days a week” option to turn off Outlook AutoArchive.

In default, the setting of Outlook AutoArchive is every 14 days.

You can likewise change the default settings of Outlook AutoArchive to your singular inclinations.

  • Define the period within the time AutoArchive is required to be carried out.
  • Change the default timeframe to suit Outlook items.
  • Find out whether older Outlook items are archived or deleted following the time of aging.

The manual method of archiving Outlook folders

If you’re looking to archive only certain folders within your mailbox, we recommend that you choose them before saving them in PST files. PST archive to a location you prefer.

How To Archive Emails In Outlook? The steps below show the steps archive emails and other Outlook items. Archive email as well as various other Outlook items:

First Step: Open Outlook. Click on the “File” Tab.

Step 2. In the left sidebar, choose”Info” from the menu “Info”.

It is normal to approach “Account Info” in the “Record Details” region when you open”File. “File” menu.

Step 3. Select the “Cleanup Tools” button and choose “Archive” in the dropdown menu.

Microsoft offers you a selection of three options for freeing space within your Outlook mailbox. You can clear out your mailbox, clear your “Deleted Items” folder, or archive older Outlook items.

Outlook launches in the “Archive” windows.

Step 4: Choose either of the following alternatives:

  • Archive all folders under your AutoArchive settings
  • Archive one folder, and the subfolders within it.

Manual archiving is a good option for instance if you are looking to archive an entire folder to free space.

How To Archive Emails In Outlook? 5: Input a year following “Archive things that are older than”. All Outlook items you’ve made, sent, or received before the date will be archived.

In default mode, Outlook stores PST files in the “Outlook Files” folder which is under “Documents”. If needed, you can change the directory of storage through “Browse” or the “Browse …” button.

If you want to add elements to the archive for that reason, and there is an option “No AutoArchive” is activated put a checkmark on the box that is corresponding to it.

  1. Complete this configuration after clicking “OK”.

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