How To Add Drop Down List In Google Sheets in 2022?

How To Add Drop Down List In Google Sheets? You can make a Drop-Down List within Google Sheets using the list of items within a set of cells, or by typing the list.

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A drop-down menu (also called a drop-down menu or pulled-down menu) is a type of menu, like a box that allows users to select one of many pre-defined choices. The drop-down list makes sure that users input only the options that are offered within the list of options into the cell.

How To Add Drop Down List In Google Sheets?

When working with Google Sheets Sometimes, others can input repeatedly used values into the column. To ensure that you avoid mistakes, errors, and inaccuracy and to make the data entry faster you might want to add a drop-down list to ensure that users enter only the values that are provided.

As an example, suppose you’re adding an agenda of tasks you’d like your team to do. The team wants to keep track of their status for each project to state completed, pending, priority, or Skipped and Progress of the task. To do this you could add the drop-down menu and include an array of statuses for tasks that users can choose from, instead of entering the information.

In this video, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the add-on and management of the drop-down lists in Google Sheets.

Adding a Drop-Down List in Google Sheets

Drop-down is a validation feature that lets users decide what data can be entered into the worksheet. It is easy to make a drop-down by using the data validation dialog within Google Sheets.

There are two methods you can include a drop-down list within Google Sheets. You can either add an ad-hoc list of drop-down menus using the numbers in a set of cells, or you can select elements to the list.

Add a Drop-Down Menu Using a Range of Cells in Google Sheets

It is possible to add drop-down lists in Google Sheets by using a list of items within a variety of cells.

Then, open your Google spreadsheet and input the items you want to include in a set of cells that you wish to add to your dropdown menu. In this sample spreadsheet, we’ve got the names of cities as well as branches.

Then, choose the cell or area of cells you would like to make a drop-down list. It could be on the same worksheet or a separate worksheet.

Click on the menu ‘Data’ on the right side of your spreadsheet. Choose the ‘Data validation option from the drop-down menu.

You can also right-click once you have chosen your cell(s) and choose “Data Validation” at the lower right of the contextual menu.

The dialog box for data validation will appear. You can then define the drop-down list you want to display by changing the options.

Cell Range

The first field “Cell range” indicates the location where the drop-down list is made. Since we already chose an appropriate range and it has been filled in.

You can also alter it by clicking on the table icon’ within the cell range field, and choosing the cell range in which you would like to add the drop-down menu.


The next section, Criteria includes a range of choices as a drop-down. You only must the two choices. It is not possible to add a drop-down menu by using other choices.

Select the drop-down menu and select the ‘List from A range’ option to include an option to select a range for the selection criteria.

In the box next to it, type in the cell reference/range which contains all the data you wish to include within the list of dropdowns. Instead of entering the range, click on the “Select range of data icon (table icon).

A second pop-up titled Select Data Range will be displayed. Choose the range or cell that has the items listed and their location will be added to the ‘Select a data range dialog box. Then, click ‘OK’. If you choose the range of a sheet that is not on the same the sheet’s name will be listed in the list’s position.

In the above example, you can see the list of items is in the A2:A13 section of sheet 3 along with the drop-down menu is being developed in C2:C17 on Sheet 4.

Dropdown list to show in the cell

Check that the “Show dropdown lists in cells checkbox is checked. If you do not check this box it is still possible to enter the items in the list by double-clicking on the cell, but you will not be able to see the drop-down icons in the cell.

On data that is invalid

You can also select what happens when someone types in an input (invalid data) that isn’t listed in the list. You can select either “Show warning” or “Reject input’ radio buttons for the “On invalid data” setting. The option to show a warning accepts the input of the user but it will display a warning. The option to reject input will reject the entry completely.


If you select the Appearance option, you can offer the user information on how to use the drop-down menu or what kinds of values are acceptable within the cells.

To enable this feature you must select the ‘Show validation help text’ checkbox and an option to display a text box will appear below it. Enter the information you want to show within the box.

After you’ve finished configuring after that, hit the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

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