How To Add A Calendar In Outlook? | Create New Calendar In Outlook

How To Add A Calendar In Outlook? The term “shared” refers to one that is shared with at least one person. A calendar shared with others is an excellent tool to encourage collaboration, productivity, and the development of time management abilities. In the end, Outlook shared calendars are an asset that can be used by companies or teams regardless of size.

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How To Add A Calendar In Outlook?

Create a brand new Calendar in Outlook to track particular events or goals.

Making a calendar from scratch is a fantastic method to organize or track events, without having them incorporated into your calendar. The process of creating a new calendar can be simple, and you could even make it public so other people can see that it exists. It could be useful to make How To Add A Calendar In Outlook for students?

How to add a calendar in outlook desktop?


  • Creating the Calendar
  • Launch Outlook Desktop
  • Click the calendar icon on the navigation panel located in the lower-left right-hand corner. Outlook will display at the calendar view.
  • Select +Open Calendar from the ribbon. how to add calendar to outlook view? Create a new Blank Calendar.
  • The calendar’s name is the first thing you should mention. In this case, the calendar is called Cira Apps Marketing Team Calendar.
  • Pick the location to store the calendar. In this case, the calendar would be a subfolder within that main folder for calendars.
  • Hit “OK.
  • Click on the calendar that was recently created in the panel navigation to display the calendar.
  • Select for New Appointment or New Meeting or Add New Events to add the events onto the schedule.
  • Now, you understood How To Add A Calendar In Outlook. Right…

How To Add A Calendar In Outlook? Sharing the Calendar Access

  1. Select “Share Calendar” within the ribbon. An email invitation with a blank template will appear.
  2. Define the people who will enjoy the shared calendar using the to field.

Note: A shared calendar could be shared with one user, many users, or even a group.

3. Click the drop-down menu under the heading “Details” and choose the recipients’ viewing rights.

Note: A request to view the calendar of the recipient could be added to an invitation by choosing on the Request permission to view the calendar of the recipient’s Calendar checkbox.

4. Click Send.

Sharing the Calendar Access and Delegated Permissions

How to add calendar to outlook view? In the calendar view, click right-click the calendar that you created in the creating Calendar part of the manual on the menu bar.

  • Click Properties.
  • Click the Permission tab.
  • Select to add.
  • Find who is the user(s) as well as the group(s) to send the calendar with.
  • Double-click the username/group’s name to add it.
  • Select “OK” when all users you want to add are added.
  • Use the drop-down arrow to access the Permission Level.
  • Choose the permission level you wish to give to the new user. In this instance, the user has been given to the Publisher Author permission level.
  • Note: If sharing with more than one person, select the appropriate entry for each person to delegate access to editing and viewing.
  • Click OK.


If you or your group have a calendar which you share it is possible to create the calendar group. Calendar Groups are ideal for teams since it lets you view the combined schedule in an instant. I hope this post was a helpful guide on How To Add A Calendar In Outlook?

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