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The Best Details Hiding In The GTA VI Leak

Well, one of the biggest video game leaks in history happened over the weekend. I probably don’t need to tell you, but yes, in case you missed it: Early footage of the next Grand Theft Auto, assumed by many to be GTA VI, leaked all over the internet yesterday. Today, Rockstar has commented about the situation, calling it an “illegal” hack and promising it won’t impact the development of the long-awaited open-world sequel.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Comments: A Dramatic Reading

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While we can’t link to the footage or include screenshots of it, a quick Google search can point you in the right direction. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to dig through 90 videos containing a ton of random content from a still-in-development game, I’m here to help. I did all the digging for you and found some interesting details about the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Oh and be warned: At the very end there are some things that you might not want to know about. I’ll warn you again when we get there.

Welcome Back To Vice City

The next Grand Theft Auto returns to one of the franchise’s most beloved and iconic locations: Vice City, Florida. However, like the modern spins on Liberty City and Los Santos (in GTA IV and GTA V), this new Vice City is more realistic and set in our time, not the 80s.

Based on details spotted in the various leaked videos, it appears players will be able to explore large city centers, smaller, rural areas, and even some swamps. Looking closely, I was able to spot a few locations that previously showed up in the original GTA Vice City back in 2004, including the return of the Malibu Club, the Ocean View hotel, Vice Beach, and Little Haiti.

Meet The Main Characters, A Criminal Couple

Based on earlier reports and this new leaked footage, it appears that GTA VI will star two characters: A man named Jason and a woman named Lucia. Earlier reports described these two as having a Bonnie and Clyde-like relationship. This is backed up by the mention of Bonnie and Clyde in some debug menus seen in the leaked clips.

In the early footage I’ve seen, players use “Down” on the d-pad to switch between Lucia and Jason. It also seems like when one character grabs loot or items, some things will be shared and some things won’t be shared. However, how that will work in the actual game remains to be seen.

Both characters appear highly detailed, even in this unfinished footage. And they have a ton of animations. For example, when shot at, they will use their arms and guns to try and deflect bullets. Characters can also go completely prone, a series first.

Combat, Crime, And Dealing With Police

Like GTA V, this new entry seems to be using a weapon wheel for letting players select different guns or explosives. However, this time around it seems players won’t just pull guns out of nowhere, with characters slinging rifles and shotguns behind their backs when not in use. It also looks like you’ll be able to pick up and drop weapons easily, which could be useful during a big shootout if you run out of ammo and need to ditch your pistol for a dead cop’s rifle.

Also spotted in the weapon wheel screen are gear and other items. My theory is that players might be able to hold onto health kits and other items, which could allow them to heal during combat or perhaps gain temporary buffs. For example, one item included what appeared to be pain pills ala Max Payne. Perhaps these will let you slow down time during gunfights?

This being a GTA game, you’ll be getting into trouble with the police and in the early footage we saw, cops appear more organized and tactical. They also seem more coordinated. When Lucia enters a car during a police shootout, the game mentions that the “Law” will know what vehicle she entered even after she escapes. To me, this seems like a mechanic that will force you to ditch vehicles before you can really escape the police.

Strip Clubs, Swamps, and Scuba Diving

While most of the footage that leaked is focused on specific tests or areas of the game, it does provide some hints and first looks at other things you’ll be able to do in GTA VI when not fighting the police or completing missions.

One activity that is returning is the ability to visit a strip club and watch performers dance. Included in the leaked footage is what appears to be the start of an early mission that takes place inside a strip club. More footage shows Lucia exploring that same club outside of a mission.

With swamps all around Florida, you’ll need a way to get around easily. And it seems to help players explore, Rockstar is adding drivable airboats. You’ll also be able to go scuba diving too. But wait, there’s more!

The Animals Of Florida

In one of the leaked videos, you can see a ton of debugging information and actions. Combing through, I was able to spot a lot of references to animals, including boars, dogs, alligators, and raccoons. Now animals have appeared in previous GTA games, but this appears to be really upping the amount of wildlife you’ll encounter while playing.

Not only that, I spotted debug options related to fishing spots and bait shops. Could the fishing mechanic found in Red Dead Redemption II make a return in GTA VI? Perhaps. Even more interesting are three debug options related to horses and taming animals. Being able to ride a horse is nothing new in Red Dead, but would be a series first in GTA.

Other Interesting Stuff, Easter Eggs, And More

Okay, let’s get to some of the most interesting stuff I spotted in the leaked footage. But first, a warning. If you want to go into GTA VI as fresh as possible, turn away. What’s in the next paragraph is a list of possible Easter eggs, secret events, and more. Likely none of this stuff is important to the overall plot of the game, but if you enjoy stumbling upon strange things or secrets yourself, turn away now. For everyone else…

I was surprised by how many weird things are mentioned directly in the leaked footage. Most of this appears to be connected to random events that can be triggered while players explore the world. Some stuff included mention of a haunted warehouse, sex robots, going on a spiritual journey, a creepy voice in a storm drain, a figure that can be spotted in the woods, and a mummified old lady. But perhaps the most exciting for GTA mystery hunters is the mention of a Skunk Ape sighting and UFOs. (The Skunk Ape is Florida’s take on Bigfoot.)

As with everything else mentioned above, all of this is subject to change. Rockstar could remove some or all of this stuff before the game ships. In fact, a lot of this stuff could currently only exist in text form or in menus and hasn’t been fully implemented yet. Still, I’m excited by what I was able to pull from all this leaked footage.

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