Games Similar to PUBG
games similar to pubg

If you like to Play Action-Packed Games on your mobile, then you must have heard about pubg. this is a very popular online game that everyone likes to play, from children to the younger. Many users interested in games and sports like to play online games full action and attractive graphics. Here in this article, we will learn about such games which Games Similar To Pubg mobile games.

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Top 5 Best Games Similar to PUBG

Most of these types of games designed to attract the youth in such a way that people get used to playing them. Many People keep playing these games for a long time, in view of their popularity. So let’s know about some such games, Like many other games were launched as its alternative.

Call of duty (Games Similar to PUBG)

Call of Duty is also an exciting game which games similar to pubg. This game is mainly made for android and iOS users, after the pubg has been banned, this game is being liked a lot and it is available for pubg. is seen as the best alternative. This is an attractive game for those who like activities like games and sports.

Call of duty is a game developed by an American-based company, so the chances of its being banned are low, so many people trust it. Duty has been completed so this great game remains the first choice of many people. In this, you get to see high-quality graphics, apart from this, you can play this game with feet on the rise, but this game also uses a lot of storage of your device, which is the negative point.


Fortnite is also war and action-packed game like a pubg. This game is banned for apple iPhone users in India but android users can use and play it now and most of the users android in India So Fortnite can be a better choice for you. Fortnite is also a great game full of better graphics that takes your gaming experience to the next level and you can enjoy this game on your android mobile. This game is much bigger, so your mobile uses more memory as per other games. This game is much bigger and you can play this game with more than one player at a time and this is why it uses more memory of your device.

Garena Free Fire

This is a perfect option for those who have played Pubg and love games and sports. This Free Fire Games similar to pubg In this game you can enjoy the game by strengthening your target betting, this game has great features and unique Graphics that take your gaming experience to the next level. In this game, you get new and attractive weapons for war, with the help of which you play the game and move towards the floor and finish the level of the game and during this time you enjoy the Games Similar to PUBG very much.

Hopeless land

This game is a good fighting game for Survival which has got very good reviews. This game is a game liked like pubg. In this game, you will be stunned by its natural design and you will get to play this game, etc. In this game, you face many types of problems that proceed with the help of weapons and in this, you enjoy the game quite a lot and you will enjoy it as a pub while playing Games Similar to PUBG

Battlelands royale

Battlelands Royale is a popular game with its stunning graphics that attract users towards it, in order to survive you have to keep moving while shooting with the help of weapons. You can play this game in both solo and duo mode even if you are alone you can enjoy this game and if you want to play with some friend then go for Duo.

Most users who like games and sports, after playing the Battlelands Royale game, will see that type of games similar to pubg and after playing it you will not even regret being banned for the pubg. In this game, the main character has to fight a war. for this, you get many types of weapons in the game, with the help of which you advance in the game.

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