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The Best Modern Stealth Game Is About To Leave Game Pass

We’re halfway into the first month of 2024, so it’s time to take a look at what’s around the corner for the Game Pass library. February sees some RPG and roguelite goodness hit the service, but sadly Hitman World of Assassination leaves Game Pass after January 31, 2024.

The Week In Games: What’s Coming Out Beyond Alan Wake 2

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As with all games leaving Game Pass, you can snag a copy for a discount to keep playing regardless of whether or not you keep your Game Pass subscription active. Given how much replayability Hitman World of Assassination offers, this is definitely a game you’ll want to actually own a copy of (you know, while we still can own our games).

Grab Hitman World of Assassination for 20 percent off

Hitman World of Assassination is an evolution of Hitman 3. The collection includes Hitman 2016 and 2018’s Hitman 2 along with Hitman 3’s campaign and a roguelike mode that allows for a near- infinite amount of replay. It’s a vast game with a nearly endless supply of stealthy assassination challenges on top of some solid campaign chapters from the main games. In our review of Hitman 3, former Kotaku writer Riley MacLeod said of the game’s levels:

The opening level of Dubai and the vineyard in the fourth level of Argentina felt the most like the levels I know and love from the modern Hitman games: glamorous locations full of secrets and disguises, where I could enjoy dressing up in fancy clothes and eavesdropping on insufferable rich people. They’re largely the glitzy playgrounds full of possible accidents that I’m excited to replay to see how far I can push them.

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Though World of Assassination is leaving Game Pass, all hope is not lost. If you’re a subscriber, you can grab a copy of the game on Xbox for 20 percent off until it leaves Game Pass, bringing this gargantuan collection of stealth action down to just $56 (and you can keep it this time).

Persona 3 Reload, Brotato, and more arrive soon on Game Pass

Game Pass is getting a fresh supply of games in the days to come, including Persona 3 Reload. In our impressions of it, Kotaku writer Kenneth Shepard said:

Here’s what else is expected to come to Game Pass in the days to come:

Those Who Remain – Available nowTurnip Boy Robs a Bank – January 18F1 23 – January 18Palworld – January 19Go Mecha Ball – January 25Brotato – January 30Persona 3 Reload – February 2

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