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Elden Ring Character Creator Leaks And Fans Are Totally Loving It

As we get closer to Elden Ring’s February 25 launch, footage of its character creator has leaked, and fans of the upcoming action-RPG think it looks dope. In fact, folks are saying it looks better than the character creators in FromSoftware’s previous games, like Bloodborne and Dark Souls III.

ER-SA (YouTube)

The footage comes from YouTuber ER-SA, who uploaded six minutes of fiddling about in Elden Ring’s character creator. They flip through various classes and settings, most of which is missing text, likely due to the footage being ripped from an incomplete build of the game. According to IGN, the leaked footage comes from the closed network test, which took place between November 12-14.

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Still, what was uploaded looks pretty damn good! The created character ER-SA’s messing around with seems far more human-like than anything FromSoftware has released previously.

Fans of director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games agree that Elden Ring’s character creator looks impressive. The comments on ER-SA’s video are littered with praise of the footage, with several agreeing that Elden Ring’s graphical fidelity is “a pretty noticeable improvement” over the likes of Dark Souls III. Others exclaim you can “create actually good-looking characters.” Then there are those who are in disbelief because they “actually look human.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere online, fans are comparing the game’s character creator to Team Ninja’s Nioh 2, saying you’ll be able to create femboys. A few are also meme-ing the footage, claiming that the characters are “hot.”

Of course, you can create an absolute monstrosity of a character in Elden Ring as well, if you want. Toward the end of ER-SA’s video, they jack the sliders all the way up, resulting in a frightening-looking character whose eyes, head, and jaw are all bulging out. It’s par for the course in FromSoftware games, to be sure, and something fans are stoked about.

This is just the latest bit of Elden Ring we’re seeing before it hits consoles and PC on February 25. Fans are devouring every morsel of the game they can, doing wild things like modding GTA San Andreas into the demo, and arguing over whether horses have crotches. There was also this hole that killed quite a few players, and terrifying bosses beyond the demo’s bounds.

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