Months later, Battlefield 2042 gets a new scoreboard

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Intel is set to produce a Bitcoin mining chip

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Nvidia compares the RTX 3050 with the GTX 1050 on the product page graph

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Sago Mini School adds a versatile character creator and other features for preschoolers to the About Me update

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Random: Nintendo shows Switch owners how to remove games, using Super Mario Bros. 35 as an example

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Seven Knights 2 gives away a Legendary Hero Selection Ticket and more in 77 Festival event

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Video: Here’s a graphics comparison between Banjo-Kazooie running on Switch, Xbox and Nintendo 64

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Here’s Wordle, besides rude words

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Battlefield 2042 finally gets an improved scoreboard

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus For Switch has already been computerized

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