EBITDA: India Inc’s EBITDA margin decreased during the third quarter; first decline compared to previous year in 12 quarters: CRISIL

Corporate India is facing a year-on-year decline in its EBITDA margin for the first time in 12 quarters with sky-high input costs, data from CRISIL Research suggest Data show that… Read more

India’s second year at the UN Security Council is a period of consolidation; will end with a high note: Ambassador Tirumurti

Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, told PTI that during the first year of its two-year term on the UN Security Council, India has taken a “firm but constructive”… Read more

British households are suffering from the biggest drop in available cash in eight years

British households have been hit by the sharpest decline in the amount of cash they have available to spend in almost eight years, amid a worsening cost of living crisis… Read more

Crowdcube is facing financial oversight investigation of failed fast food company

Crowdfunding platform Crowdcube is facing a series of investigations from a financial watchdog after a group of investors said it failed to verify a company’s business plans, which resulted in… Read more

3 Important technical priorities for business leaders in financial services 2022

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The strict winner Rose Ayling-Ellis is fighting for the sign language to have legal status

Strictly Come Dancing champion Rose Ayling-Ellis has demanded that sign language be given official legal status in the UK. The EastEnders actress, who was Strictly’s first deaf contestant, described the… Read more

Agricultural reform: Farm reform: Myths and realities

The repeal of the three recently adopted farm laws by the government has put it all back reform process. Because it could not explain the benefits to some farmers. It… Read more

Ministers tell Boris Johnson to apologize for lockdown parties

Boris Johnson has been urged by ministers and Tory MPs to apologize for a party in the Downing Street Garden during the first lockdown where he is said to have… Read more

Jamie Oliver’s Italian failure costs the municipalities £ 1.3 million

Hard-pressed advice is likely to lose more than £ 1.3 million on the collapse of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain when administrators are close to closing down the affected business. Documents… Read more

The sentiment of the Japanese service sector improved slightly in December when cases of covid-19 were kept low by Reuters

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A taxi driver, wearing a protective face mask after an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), is sitting in a car outside the Tokyo National Museum in Tokyo,… Read more