An unforgivably boring action thriller aimed at streaming success

On paper, Without remorse had all the tools to launch a multi-film franchise for Prime Video to call its own, one that could lay the groundwork for a whole set of stories built from Tom Clancy’s literary works.

Michael B. Jordan acted as both a star and a producer, which virtually guaranteed a strong central performance that would draw in large viewership figures based on nothing but his worldwide popularity and appeal, and post-credits teased by Rainbow Six made it very clear that one eye was fixed on what comes next.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to find out Without remorse can prove to be overwhelmingly boring, which it was a lot. A 44% Rotten Tomatoes score and 38% user rating is not the kind of response from critics and audiences that leads to sequels getting the green light, and so far we have not even heard the slightest hint of a potential second part.

Without remorse

Jordan is as reliable as you’d expect in the lead, Jodie Turner-Smith proves himself to be an instant badass, and a couple of fixtures provide visceral excitement and crunchy pyrotechnics, but there’s not much else to recommend.

After receiving the first rumor at the release in April last year, Without remorse quietly disappeared from the collective consciousness, however FlixPatrol reveals that it may be on the verge of a comeback since returning to Amazon’s top 10 most watched list in five countries spread across three continents, so maybe there is hope yet.

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